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Hello, Students! Welcome to ITroSCo 2021!

On this page, you will be required to create an account on the website before registering as an ITroSCo 2021 participant. Please check the following sequence of procedures:

1st | Create an Account

(A) Open the Admission Website:, currently is being redirected to, the login page will appear as follows.

(B) Information regarding available programs for the international students are displayed on the left side of the page.

(C) To Log In, applicant needs to enter Email and Password if the applicants have already had registration accounts on web admission. If the applicant does not have an account, then click “REGISTER”.

(D) To register, applicant should enter Passport or ID Card Number, Email, Password and Confirm Password. One passport number is only applied for one account.

2nd | Complete Your Profile

(A) Applicants who have not entered their personal data and parental data, will be directed to their personal data page.

(B) List of personal data that must be completed.

(C) List of parental data that must be completed.

(D) Main Home Page | On the main Home Page, the applicant’s information consists of photo, name, email and mobile number on the left side; while the registration history is on the right side.

3rd | Creating your Application

After completing profile data, applicant may proceed to create an application according to their program preference.

(A) Click on the Choice of Registration button to get a list of available programs.

(B) Once you have registered, the chosen program will appear in the following list.

(C) To create an application, click on “program reference”. Please note that applicant can only register on one program in each period.

(D) For registration data entry, the applicant must select one of the available programs

(E) Applicant must complete registration data entry according to the form in selected program.

Please fill all the data carefully, as no editing is possible afterwards. After all the data has been completed, click submit to create the application.

4th | Completing Your Registration

After completing applicant’s data, the selected program will appear in the registration list. The process of document uploading can be started by clicking the Details button.

5th | Upload Registration Documents

(A) Upload all documents required. Please be advised, only document with correct format will be accepted by the University system.

(B) Document status will be adjusted accordingly by Admin when all documents have met the requirements.

(C) Incorrect format of documents (ie. size or the type of the documents) will result in red exclamation mark. Meaning that the applicant has to should re-upload the documents. Applicant may click on blue magnifier icon to find out the reason of unsuccessful applications. If you want to reset uploaded documents simply click on yellow button. After all the documents are complete, you can click the submit button. Please check your account regularly for the registration status.

6th | Monitoring Registration

After completing Application Process and all documents required, applicants can monitor their registration status by clicking Details on Main Home Page. Applicants may download Letter of Acceptance on Print Announcement section.

Should you have any further question regarding admission, kindly contact our International Office via email with Admission Enquiry as the subject, or you may contact each program directly.

Reference: User Manual Admission Website Universitas Diponegoro 2021