ITROSCO, SEMARANG – Individual Final Presentation Assessment Day (30/8), on this day, the participants were assigned to their respective break out rooms per person. There were three break out rooms with the committee as the judges.

From the instructions that have been given by Dr. Anindita before regarding the final presentation, the participants should include what they did in ITroSCo Got Talent and summarize all 10 lecture sessions in this event. While waiting for their turn, in the main room, Clara as the Master of Ceremony while being assisted by the other Buddies were all holding a light chat with the participants. Talking about the progress of their another big project, a final video made by the Batch 3 of ITroSCo 2021. Ghariza as the Person in Charge also jumped into the conversation, leading the ice breaking session of the day. (Committee of ITroSCo 2021)

~ ItroSCo 2021 committee ~

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